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Datacom was established in 1997 by Thanongsinh Kankaya, a former graduate from the USSR. After graduating from the Asian Institute of Technology Rangsit (Bangkok) in Computer Science, Thanongsinh further pursued his study in the USSR in Computing Machines where he later earned his Master degree in 1987.

The teacher

With a passion for teaching, Thanongsinh started his career as a teacher at the National Polytechnic Institute in 1987 where he lectured over 5000 students there until he eventually resigned in 1996 to pursue another passion of his.

Datacom era

In late 1996, sensing that the country and its economy are moving to a new developing phase, Thanongsinh decided to establish an IT company that can serve the IT demands of Vientiane.

In 1997, Datacom was officially established with only 5 members under his leadership. From very early on Thanongsinh recognized the importance of partnerships with world leading companies.Datacom was then partnered with Dell to become the one and only authorized distributor for Dell enterprise products in Laos. Soon, partnerships with world class companies like Oracle, APC followed.

Backed by world class products and hard working team, Datacom cemented its status as the leading IT company in Laos when it closed the deal with Lao Electricity Company sponsored by the world bank. The company had then attracted a lot of young and enthusiastic members from all industries who were interested to join the company.

By 2007, Datacom employed more than 30 professionals who sometimes work more than 10 projects during peak times.

Now with more than 15 partnerships with global companies like Toshiba, Emerson, VMware, Level 1, Diebold just to name a few, Datacom is working even closer with government agencies, leading organizations and companies in Laos.

Consumer Arena

2009 marked the year Datacom stepped out of its comfort zone of enterprise world, when it partnered with Toshiba PC. With this partnership, the company took a challenge of entering the consumer market world. Although new and challenging, Thanongsinh took confidence in world class pioneer company like Toshiba ( the first company to start notebooks for consumer market ). Datacom and Toshiba now are serving high quality Notebooks and PCs in Laos market with considerable success.

In April 2011, by becoming Dell consumer products authorized distributor in Laos, Datacom in effect became the sole authorized distributor for all Dell product lines in Laos.

However, the road to success is not always smooth and easy, especially in the consumer world. Datacom not only faces challenges from other consumer brands but from other grey market as well( products intended for sale in other countries only, but were imported to Laos without permission by the private companies. ).

This however is a welcome-challenge for Datacom's sales team who insist the fight is not over until it's really over. And as we know, the fight in consumer wolrd is never really over. 

A teacher at heart

Although Datacom brings great success and made Thanongsinh one of the busiest working men in Laos, he never lost his passion for teaching. With backgrounds in IT and the passion for teaching, Thanongsinh is entering a new territory soon with the newly established training center for IT and Business in the heart of Vientiane.