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R-Keeper 7


R-Keeper system acquired a reputation as a convenient and reliable business software on the market of restaurant automation.

New version of R-Keeper 7 is created on the basis of many years experience of use of previous versions and has a bigger flexibility, universality, safety and expansibility.

R-Keeper 7 is designed for public catering enterprises – from small cafes or kiosk with one cash desk (or the only hall) to big hall multi-storey restaurants and chains or restaurants including cross-border.

R-Keeper 7 system is also suitable for bars and restaurants inside hotels and entertainment centers where visitor has one bill with total of all services.

Main R-Keeper version 7 advantages are:

  • Expansibility – new features are added easily and the functionality is extended
  • Universality – multifunctional editors are used for different functions corresponding to system operations, powerful components are used
  • Tuning ability – the user can set the interface (screen and print forms) as well as the behavior of the application (both front and back office)
  • Safety – encoding when transmitting data via the net, its own format of being kept, control of authority on the server, keeping a journal of operations
  • Several applications (stations) can be connected to every server of R-Keeper package
  • Foreign language supported, system may operate in 2 switchable languages at the same time
  • Opportunity of working time accounting and user management
  • Unlimited amount of price types, taxes, currencies
  • User friendly report and document issuing 


Basic Functionalities:

  • Menu
    • Category, Group
    • Modifier
  • Printing to multiple locations
  • Discount & Markup
  • Multiple pricing (by time, customer, branch...)
  • Multiple currencies
  • Floor plan & table, Or Quick-mode
  • Order Type, Guest Type
  • Customizable Usage & Restriction
  • User role & permission (e.g who can give discount, who can void bill...)
  • Flexible Reports (can self create)
  • ... and more







Most popular modules for R-keeper

rkeeper rkorder  Rk-Order is an innovative, reliable and user-friendly electronic menu product created as additional module for R-Keeper 7 system. It has number of useful social network functions and capabilities additional to restaurant menu. Your client can save order without help of waiter and add dishes to his order later.
 rkeeper mobilewaiter Mobile waiter  is a mobile, compact and space-saving device performing as much functions as a traditional accounting system. It is designed for small turnover food service enterprises: small cafes, bars, billiard rooms, fast foods, and canteens.
 rkeeper crm R-Keeper CRM is a professional and powerful system for customer relations automation and management for the food service enterprises, designed for cafes, fast foods, bars, and clubs. The system allows you to have your own currency convertible to food in any restaurant of the chain all over the world.
 rkeeper storehouse StoreHouse is an accounting system for a convenient administration of food service enterprise stock, remainders and food sales; for the analysis of sales by suppliers; and for many other important functions necessary for everyday work.
 rkeeper delivery R-Keeper Delivery is a food delivery management system for controlling the food delivery process, which includes acceptance of the order, its preparation, and delivery to a client. This system also fits call center for chain restaurants.
 rkeeper videocontrol Video control is a security and management system for extended control over point of sale work processes, which accumulates for comparison video data and text data coming from R-Keeper 7. It is possible to call video from reports by specified event.
 ... and More    


Sample Setup for different Restaurant size:

For detail on how to set up for your restaurant size, please contact us for consultation.

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Medium with Wireless
  • Multiple Branches